Unlock the Power of Customer Testimonials: A Guide for Ecommerce Success

Discover the influential power of customer testimonials in e-commerce. Stand out, build trust, and drive conversions.

The Moast Team

November 21, 2023

In the vast realm of e-commerce, where there exists countless media sparing for consumers' attention, how do you make your brand stand out? How do you build trust and persuade potential buyers to choose your products over the competition? The answer lies in the power of customer testimonials. In this blog post, we'll explore what customer testimonials are, how they differ from reviews, and why they hold such immense influence in the purchasing journey.

What are customer testimonials?

Customer testimonials are authentic, first-hand accounts shared by satisfied customers who have experienced your product or service. They serve as a form of social proof, offering potential buyers insights into the experiences, benefits, and results others have gained. These testimonials are typically featured on e-commerce websites, product pages, landing pages, and marketing materials. Testimonials can be captured through interactive review platforms like Moast.

The difference between testimonials and reviews

While customer testimonials and reviews may seem similar, they have distinct differences. Reviews are typically more informal, concise, and often found on third-party platforms. They can cover various aspects of a product or service, including its pros and cons, ratings, and recommendations. On the other hand, customer testimonials tend to focus on positive experiences, highlighting specific benefits and outcomes. They are carefully curated and presented by businesses to showcase the most compelling narratives.

Casper is a great example of a brand doing an awesome job capturing customer testimonials. They’re acutely aware that being a mattress is an expensive, experience-based purchase and authentic customer reviews can go a long way. The testimonials on their website emphasize the quality and comfort of their products. They feature testimonials from satisfied customers, highlighting specific benefits such as improved sleep quality and pain relief. These testimonials help build trust and credibility for potential buyers considering their mattresses.

Testimonials for Casper

How Cricut Drives Authenticity and Captures Testimonials Through User Stories

Cricut, a popular brand in the crafting and DIY community, has done an excellent job capturing testimonials through their user stories. On their website, under the "Stories" section, Cricut showcases inspiring narratives from their customers, highlighting the transformative power of their products in various creative endeavors. Here's how they have successfully captured testimonials through user stories:

Diverse Range of User Stories: Cricut features a wide range of user stories that cater to different interests, passions, and creative projects. Whether it's scrapbooking, home decor, fashion, or personalized gifts, they highlight stories from customers who have used their Cricut machines and tools to bring their ideas to life. This diversity appeals to a broader audience, showing the versatility of their products.

Compelling Visual Content: Each user story on the Cricut website is accompanied by visually appealing images showcasing the finished projects. These visuals capture attention and provide a tangible representation of the creative possibilities with Cricut products. Users can see the impressive results and envision what they can achieve with their own projects.

Detailed Testimonials: Cricut includes detailed testimonials within each user story, allowing customers to share their personal experiences, challenges they faced, and how Cricut helped them overcome those obstacles. The testimonials highlight specific features, tools, and benefits of the Cricut products that have been instrumental in achieving their creative goals. These detailed accounts provide valuable insights and build trust among potential customers.

A screenshot from Cricuts website

Emotional Impact: Cricut's user stories often evoke emotions by showcasing the personal journeys and connections behind the projects. They highlight the sentimental value of the creations, such as personalized gifts for loved ones or meaningful crafts for special occasions. By emphasizing the emotional impact of the projects, Cricut taps into the power of storytelling, making the testimonials relatable and compelling.

Community Engagement: Cricut encourages community engagement by featuring stories submitted by their customers. This approach fosters a sense of inclusivity and belonging among Cricut users. By sharing user-generated content and stories, Cricut demonstrates the strong community that surrounds their products, encouraging potential customers to join a supportive and creative network.

Cricut's approach to capturing testimonials through user stories is effective because it showcases the real-world applications and creative potential of their products. By featuring a diverse range of stories, providing visual content, incorporating detailed testimonials, evoking emotions, and fostering community engagement, Cricut creates a powerful connection with potential customers. These testimonials inspire and empower individuals to embark on their own creative journeys with confidence in the capabilities of Cricut products.

A screenshot of Cricuts community members

How Oru Kayaks leverages interactive peer-to-peer reviews to create powerful testimonials

Oru Kayaks has implemented an innovative approach to capturing testimonials and creating customer connections through Moast. This platform allows shoppers to connect with existing customers in their area, creating a unique and powerful testimonial program. On their website, Oru Kayaks provides an interactive map where potential customers can input their location and find customers nearby. Here's how this program serves as an excellent testimonial tool:

Real-Time Customer Connections: The Moast platform enables potential customers to have real-time conversations with existing customers in their local communities. By connecting with these customers virtually or in-person, shoppers can get firsthand insights, advice, and testimonials directly from people who have already experienced using Oru Kayaks. This direct interaction creates a sense of authenticity and trust, allowing shoppers to ask questions and gather detailed information about the product and the overall experience.

Personalized Testimonials: The interactive map feature on Oru Kayaks' website allows potential customers to find and connect with existing customers who share similar geographic locations. This personalized approach makes the testimonials more relevant and relatable. Shoppers can engage in conversations with customers who may have used the kayak in nearby water bodies or faced similar environmental conditions, making the testimonials more impactful and tailored to their specific needs.

A screen shot of Oru Kayaks community

Community Building: By facilitating connections between potential customers and existing customers, Oru Kayaks fosters a sense of community and belonging. The platform encourages users to share their experiences, stories, and tips, further strengthening the bond among Oru Kayaks enthusiasts. This community building aspect adds an extra layer of trust and credibility to the testimonials, as customers can witness the positive experiences and connections that others have had with the brand.

Enhanced Confidence and Decision-Making: the platform empowers potential customers by providing them with an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with existing customers. These conversations can address any concerns, clarify doubts, and provide firsthand testimonials about the performance, durability, and overall satisfaction with Oru Kayaks. By offering this level of transparency and direct communication, Oru Kayaks instills confidence in potential buyers and helps them make more informed decisions.

User-Generated Content: Moast taps into the power of user-generated content, leveraging the experiences and testimonials of existing customers. These testimonials, in the form of conversations, provide valuable and authentic content that potential customers can refer to during their purchasing journey. User-generated content carries a sense of trustworthiness and credibility, as it comes directly from individuals who have already invested in and experienced the product.

Oru Kayaks' implementation of the Moast platform not only facilitates customer connections but also creates a testimonial program that strengthens trust, encourages community engagement, and empowers potential customers with personalized and real-time testimonials. This approach sets Oru Kayaks apart and enhances the overall purchasing experience for their customers.

A screenshot of an Oru Kayak community member


In conclusion, customer testimonials hold immense power in the e-commerce landscape. They build trust, enhance credibility, create emotional connections, and overcome objections. By incorporating compelling testimonials into your marketing strategy, you can leverage the influence of real customer experiences to guide potential buyers toward making confident and informed purchasing decisions. So, harness the power of customer testimonials and let their voices speak volumes for your brand.

Moast is a platform that touches on many of these best practices for creating powerful testimonials from existing customers. By offering a personalized experience, fostering community, showcasing authenticity, and providing the ability to have conversations with customers, Moast is the “digital word of mouth” engine for brands. 

Here’s how it works: Moast allows brands to connect shoppers with existing customers in their communities. Shoppers can browse an interactive map and see user stories - text and pictures of customers showcasing how they are using the product. Shoppers can even send messages and schedule meetups with these customers if they wish. These powerful profiles drive authentic social proof for your brand’s products.

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