Sell more together

Use your community of loyal customers to convert shoppers faster.

Moast will change the way you sell your products online

Turn your customers into Hosts so that shoppers can experience your products in person.

Reach new customers anywhere, anytime

Turn your customers into Hosts so shoppers can experience your products in person right in their neighbourhood.

Eliminate the pressure of retail

Now you can deliver a retail experience anywhere your customers are, without the need for costly retail locations.

Reduce your rate of returns

Save money on return costs by letting your customers see and try your products before purchasing making it less likely that they return it.

Let your customers do the talking

Better than online reviews, shoppers can have an honest conversation with a real customer about what it’s like to own your products.

Reach new customers anywhere, anytime

Eliminate the pressure of retail

Reduce your rate of returns

Let your customers do the talking

The next generation of social commerce


Get to see products in person before purchasing online.


Engage with their communities and help people make better buying decisions.

The Brand

Leverage your customers to increase sales, it's like social proof on steroids.


Increased conversion rate

Boost your conversion rate by letting shoppers see your products in person making online shopping risk-free.


Increase in new customers

Attract a new audience of shoppers by allowing them to try your products before buying online.


Of customers turn into Hosts

On average, brands that use Moast are seeing 31% of their existing customers turn into Hosts.

Reach new customers anywhere, anytime

Eliminate the pressure of retail

Reduce your rate of returns

Let your customers do the talking

How it works

All the features you need to grow

Moast powers the ability to automate your try before you buy program so the experience is seamless for you and your Hosts.

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Seamlessly onboard Hosts

Moast gives you everything you need to quickly and easily onboard your customers as Hosts. Capture signups by embedding our dynamic form to your website or emails for a seamless on-boarding process.

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Smart email automation

Our field-tested email flows and advanced email triggers are ready to go as soon as you're ready to launch.

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Dynamic Map Integration

Our platform lets you seamlessly integrate our map onto your website. Adding Hosts to your map is effortless. Approve a Hosts and they are instantly added to your social commerce network and ready to start booking product visits with prospective customers.

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All-in-one dashboard

Our easy-to-use dashboard allows you to keep track of your social commerce community in one place.

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Take a look at our customers' success stories

A must have for any direct-to-consumer brand

I would constantly get messages from shoppers across Canada saying they wanted to see a Merkava eBike before they purchased one online. With just one showroom in Montreal, QC I had to turn these potential customers away. Moast changed all that, giving me the ability to show my eBikes to shoppers across the country.

Sean D
Merkava eBikes

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions and we've got answers.

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Who are Hosts?

Hosts are your passionate customers. They agree to share their experiences with others interested in your products.

I need help starting my social commerce community, can you help with that?

Yes, we provide support with website page integrations and program marketing support.

Does Moast integrate with my site?

Yes, Moast offers website integration through iFrame links. This means that your Host signup form and the Host map can both be displayed on your website with just one line of code.

I already have some retail distribution, can I still benefit from this program?

Absolutely! Our social commerce program can be complementary to an existing retail strategy. Hosts can help fill in gaps in regions where you don’t have any retail outlets. Some customers actually prefer visiting a Host than a retail outlet in order to be able to speak with a real customer.

I run a service-based business, can I still benefit from a Host program?

Actually, yes! We’ve found that many service businesses make for great use cases for Host programs. Eg. A home renovation company can set up a Host program allowing their potential customers to see the quality of their work at the homes of customers who have previously completed projects.