How Casper Revolutionized the Mattress Industry

Learn how Casper's founders built a billion-dollar mattress start-up

The Moast Team

September 14, 2022

Once upon a time, buying a mattress meant going to a big mattress warehouse full of pushy salespeople and lying on dozens of beds that all felt the same. Oh, and you were hoping to compare prices between retailers? Think again. Many sellers give proprietary names to their stock, making it impossible to get an accurate price comparison. In short, mattress shopping was stressful, complicated, and expensive. Then Casper came on the scene.

Casper launched in 2014 and changed the game. They set out to simplify the entire process and make buying a new mattress fun again. Casper was the first to offer the mattress-in-a-box business model that we now see everywhere. So, how did Casper take such a historically unpleasant experience and revolutionize it? They tossed out the previous e-commerce playbook and focused on simplicity, affordability, and customer experience.

The Power of Simplicity

When Casper hit the market, they had one (yes, one!) model of mattress. They kept things simple by creating a mattress design they could market as the perfect fit for everyone. No more questioning whether you were a side, stomach, or back sleeper. After all, don’t most of us move around when we sleep anyway? Casper turned the conventional wisdom of mattresses on its head and worked to make sure that the maximum number of people would enjoy the firmness of their flagship mattress model

Not only did this eliminate decision fatigue for consumers, but it meant Casper could focus on making that one singular design as high-quality as possible. Without trying to please everyone, they made it easier to, well, please everyone. Casper had discovered the power of keeping things simple. Less choice meant a more straightforward buying experience, a more luxurious mattress, and was ultimately the key to Casper’s success. In less than two years, Casper had sold over $100M of this singular mattress model.

Elevating the Customer Experience

With only one mattress model to offer, Casper could focus on improving the customer experience. They took mattress buying from complicated and miserable to easy and pleasant. An extended trial time (100 days!) meant that the customer never felt painted into a corner. It was a very slim chance that you didn't love Casper's one perfect mattress. However, if you decided it wasn't for you, Casper would make the return process quick and easy. They would come to pick it up for you and donate it to a shelter in need. Finding your next mattress was no longer an arduous chore; it was a fun at-home trial that you could really enjoy. 

Additionally, this new mattress-in-a-box concept meant delivery was easy. Your mattress arrived right to your front door. No more delivery windows to miss or movers to tip. Instead, you could pull your bed into your home on your time.

Start Simple and Allow Room for Growth

Once Casper started seeing success, they were free to start growing and expanding their business by adding additional products. They had already worked to establish themselves as a luxury brand at an affordable price. Their simple business plan had already developed customer loyalty, so the foundation was in place to scale the brand.

Make Simplicity Work for You

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