A First Look At Retail and Ecommerce Apps for the Vision Pro

Explore how Apple Vision Pro is transforming retail with immersive shopping experiences.

The Moast Team

February 5, 2024

Step into the future of shopping with Apple's Vision Pro, where the thrill of retail exploration meets the wonder of cutting-edge technology. Imagine a world where the lines between the digital and the tangible blur, creating a shopping experience so immersive, it feels like stepping into your favorite stores without leaving the comfort of your home. Apple's Vision Pro isn't just a gateway to virtual reality; it's a new canvas for retailers to craft experiences that are as innovative as they are intuitive.

And retailers aren’t wasting any time figuring out how they can best adopt this technology. Picture a shopping spree unbound by physical limits, where trying on the latest fashion, customizing your dream sneaker, or exploring the newest tech gadgets happens with a simple glance through the lens of Vision Pro. Retailers and brands are seizing this incredible opportunity to redefine how we shop, making every interaction an adventure. 

From virtual dressing rooms that offer a bespoke fitting experience to augmented showrooms that let you redesign your living space with the flick of a finger, the possibilities are endless. The first apps developed for Apple's Vision Pro by visionary retailers are more than just applications; they are experiences that enchant, engage, and excite. 

We did a deep dive on some of the pioneering apps that are setting the stage for the next evolution in retail. Welcome to the future, where shopping is not just about purchasing; it's about experiencing, discovering, and dreaming in a world augmented by Apple's Vision Pro.

 The Dawn of a New Retail Era with Apple's Vision Pro

With the unveiling of Apple's Vision Pro, we stand on the precipice of a new era in retail—a transformative shift that promises to redefine our shopping experiences in ways we've only imagined. At the heart of this revolution is a device that blends the real with the virtual, creating a seamless, interactive world where every product is within reach, yet no physical boundaries exist. This isn't just an evolution; it's a reimagining of what it means to shop, learn, and engage with brands.

Apple's Vision Pro, with its unparalleled augmented reality (AR) capabilities, offers a canvas for retailers to craft experiences that are not just personalized but truly magical. It's where the tactile feel of shopping meets the infinite possibilities of the digital realm. Imagine touching the fabric of a dress, feeling its texture, and seeing how it drapes on your avatar, all while sitting in your living room. Or visualize customizing a car, changing its color, wheels, and interiors with gestures, witnessing your dream car come to life in your driveway.

This technology is not just enhancing the shopping experience; it's revolutionizing it. Retailers across the globe are quick to adopt Apple's Vision Pro, developing apps that leverage AR to offer unprecedented levels of interaction, immersion, and personalization. These early adopters are setting the stage for a future where shopping becomes a rich, engaging, and entirely new experience.

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From fashion to furniture, electronics to accessories, brands are experimenting with virtual try-ons, 3D customization, interactive showrooms, and much more. These innovations are not just gimmicks but are set to become the new standard in retail, offering customers a glimpse into the future of shopping today.

As we delve into the specifics of what brands and retailers are creating with Apple's Vision Pro, it's clear that this is just the beginning. The dawn of this new retail era brings with it endless possibilities for creativity, connection, and commerce. The fusion of Apple's technology with the vision of retailers is not just changing how we shop; it's transforming what we expect from the retail experience altogether.

First Retail Apps for Apple's Vision Pro

J. Crew Vision Pro App

J. Crew launched an app for Apple's Vision Pro in collaboration with the immersive shopping company Obsess, introducing a virtual closet for customers. This app allows users to view a curated selection of apparel, leveraging the Vision Pro's capability to display texture at high magnification. Users can interact with the clothing using hand and eye movements, creating outfit combinations on a virtual mannequin. This novel e-commerce utility also offers the ability for J. Crew stylists to remotely assist customers in styling outfits, marking a significant advancement in digital clienteling.

J Crew Apple Vision pro app

The J. Crew app for Apple's Vision Pro, by allowing users to see textures in high detail and mix and match pieces virtually, introduces a new dimension to online shopping. It elevates the customer experience, offering a more interactive and personalized way to shop. This could significantly impact retail by setting new expectations for convenience, engagement, and personalization in online shopping, potentially leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Lowe's Vision Pro App - Lowe’s Style Studio

The Lowe's app for Apple's Vision Pro, named Lowe's Style Studio, revolutionizes home improvement by enabling users to visualize kitchen designs in immersive 3D. It offers nearly 80 billion combination possibilities, allowing consumers to select from preset designs or create custom layouts using Lowe's products. This app not only enhances the online shopping experience by providing a cutting-edge design tool but also aims to simplify home improvement projects, making it easier for customers to bring their vision to life.

Lowes Apple Vision pro retail app

The app is a transformative shift in online retail, especially in the home improvement sector. By providing a virtual design experience with nearly endless customization options, it addresses a common customer pain point: the difficulty of visualizing home improvement projects. This app could significantly impact retail shopping by enhancing customer confidence in their design choices, potentially increasing engagement and sales for Lowe's by making the decision-making process more intuitive and interactive.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Vision Pro App:  “your best e.l.f.”

The e.l.f. Cosmetics app for Apple's Vision Pro, named "your best e.l.f.," invites users into unique sensory experiences inspired by their popular products. It offers a blend of shopping and relaxation within an immersive AR environment. Users can explore products, engage in activities like guided meditation and paint-by-numbers, and make purchases directly in the app using Apple Pay. This innovative approach combines entertainment with ecommerce, potentially enriching the online shopping experience by making it more interactive and engaging.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Vision Pro App

The app could redefine beauty shopping, offering a novel way to explore and purchase products. By integrating relaxation and interactive activities, it presents a holistic approach to beauty, emphasizing wellness alongside cosmetic exploration. This app might set a precedent for the beauty industry, encouraging brands to offer more than just poducts by creating immersive experiences that cater to the overall wellbeing of their customers.

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Alo Yoga Vision Pro App - Alo Sanctuary

Alo Yoga, in partnership with Obsess, launched "alo Sanctuary" for Apple Vision Pro, a unique app that blends high-definition meditation environments with shopping. This app offers a novel shopping experience, allowing users to explore Alo Yoga's collections in immersive, contextual 3D spaces set in various outdoor environments like beaches and mountains. It integrates wellness by including meditation sessions, redefining the concept of online shopping to include moments of calm alongside product exploration​.

Alo Yoga Apple Vision Pro App

The app exemplifies a unique blend of wellness and retail, integrating high-definition meditation environments with the shopping experience. This innovative approach not only showcases Alo Yoga's premium collections in stunning, realistic settings but also enriches the user's journey with wellness exercises, elevating the shopping experience to nurture mind, body, and spirit. It represents a forward-thinking model for immersive consumer engagement in the digital age.

The Mytheresa Vision Pro App

The Mytheresa: Immersive Luxury App for Apple Vision Pro transports users to luxury destinations like Capri and Paris, offering an exclusive shopping experience. This app blends hyper-realistic environments with luxury fashion, enabling users to explore collections within immersive, contextual settings. It features intuitive navigation through hand and eye gestures and integrates Apple Pay for seamless purchases, promising a new era of digital retail that merges luxury with innovative technology. 

Mytheresa Apple Vision Pro Retail Shopping App

The app revolutionizes luxury shopping by offering personalized styling sessions for top customers, ensuring a bespoke experience. This strategic move signifies a broader shift towards integrating personalized services within digital platforms, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty in the luxury retail sector.

The Apple Vision Pro’s Impact on Consumer Behavior

The introduction of Apple's Vision Pro apps is significantly influencing consumer behavior in the retail world. These apps are setting a new standard for shopping, blending immersive virtual experiences with the convenience of online shopping. Consumers now expect more than just straightforward transactions; they seek engaging, interactive experiences that offer a deeper understanding and connection with products. This shift is not just changing how people shop; it's elevating the level of customer service and personalization brands need to provide, leading to more informed purchasing decisions and enhancing brand loyalty.

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Looking Ahead: The Future of Retail in an Augmented World

As we gaze into the future of retail in an augmented world, the integration of AR technology like Apple's Vision Pro is set to further blur the lines between physical and digital realms. This convergence will empower brands to create even more personalized and immersive shopping experiences, leveraging spatial computing to bring products to life in the consumer's environment. We can anticipate advancements such as AI-driven personalized shopping assistants, virtual pop-up stores, and even more sophisticated try-on and customization options. These innovations will not only enhance the shopping experience but also provide brands with deeper insights into consumer preferences, paving the way for a retail landscape that is more interactive, engaging, and tailored to individual needs.

Look out for these areas to have a big impact on the future of e-commerce:

  1. Virtual Try-Ons: Enhancing the shopping experience by allowing customers to see how clothes and accessories look on them virtually.
  2. Immersive Product Demonstrations: Offering 3D views and interactions with products, giving customers a better understanding of what they're buying.
  3. Virtual Storefronts: Creating digital replicas of physical stores for a seamless shopping experience from anywhere.
  4. Personalized Shopping Assistants: Using AI to offer tailored recommendations based on user preferences and shopping history.
  5. Enhanced Customer Engagement: Facilitating deeper brand-customer connections through interactive and engaging digital experiences.
  6. Streamlined Decision Making: Reducing purchase hesitation by providing customers with a more intuitive and informative product evaluation process.
  7. Innovative Marketing Opportunities: Allowing brands to launch unique, immersive marketing campaigns that stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

Closing Thoughts on Apple Vision Pro Retail Apps

In the dynamic world of retail, Apple's Vision Pro has emerged as a harbinger of transformation, ushering in an era where augmented reality (AR) enhances every facet of the shopping experience. From virtual try-ons and immersive product demonstrations to personalized shopping assistants and virtual storefronts, this technology is redefining consumer expectations and behaviors. 

As we look forward to the future of e-commerce, it's clear that the integration of AR and VR technologies will not only elevate customer engagement but also open new avenues for retailers to innovate and connect with their audience. The journey with Apple's Vision Pro is just beginning, and its impact on e-commerce promises to be profound, reshaping how brands interact with their customers in an increasingly digital world.

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