Collect and display engaging content from your top customers

Our embedded widgets not only showcase powerful testimonials and user stories with your product but also connect shoppers with these customers for personalized product insights, driving more purchases to your site.

Top DTC brands are implementing our customer-led growth platform
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Build a thriving community
Build a community of shoppers who engage with happy customers directly on your website through our interactive widget, leveraging the power of authentic social proof to drive sales and build confidence — all in one seamless experience.
Sell more with social proof
Your customers are the star of the show. Let them tell their story during key points in the shopping journey, so that shoppers can get the support they need to make a purchase with confidence.
Track the right metrics
Our powerful analytics dashboard gives you deeper insights into how your community is performing, empowering you to make data-driven marketing decisions that drive results.
Getting started with Moast
We're all about building strong relationships that are geared towards making you more successful. Learn more about getting started with Moast.
We’ll partner with your team to define a vision and design a program that aligns with your strategic goals.
We'll start by getting your customers to join your community through personalized email campaigns tailored to their needs and preferences.
Once we've built your community, we'll install the Moast widget on your website to allow shoppers to easily find and connect with your community of customers.
Your program will constantly evolve with your business and the newest innovations added to our platform.
Build smarter shopping experiences
Establish trust, drive conversions and acquire more shoppers with the power of authentic social proof and customer engagement.
Reach new customers anywhere, anytime
Attract a new audience of shoppers who prefer to learn, ask questions & experience products before purchasing online.
Let your customers do the talking
Shoppers can have an honest conversation with a real customer about what it’s like to own your products.
Eliminate the pressure of retail
Now you can deliver a retail experience anywhere your customers are, without the need for costly retail locations.
Reduce your rate of returns
Save money on return costs by enabling shoppers to buy the right product the first time, making it less likely that they return it.
Integrate with the tools you already love
No need to send shoppers to a third-party platform. Moast seamlessly integrates into your existing website with just one line of code, ensuring that the entire experience stays on your site.
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Brands using Moast are seeing the difference
Increased conversion rate
Increase in new customers
Customers joining the community
“A must have for any direct-to-consumer brand”
I would constantly get messages from shoppers across Canada saying they wanted to see a Merkava eBike before they purchased one online. With just one showroom in Montreal, QC I had to turn these potential customers away. Moast changed all that, giving me the ability to show my eBikes to shoppers across the country.
Sean D
Merkava eBikes
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