10 Best TikTok Shopping Ads

Explore top TikTok Shopping ads & learn keys to engaging, creative campaigns.

The Moast Team

April 12, 2024

As the digital retail landscape continues to evolve, TikTok has emerged as a pivotal platform for brands aiming to enhance their online presence. TikTok Shopping represents a significant opportunity for e-commerce businesses to engage with a broad and diverse audience. This platform combines the spontaneity of social media with the precision of targeted advertising, offering a unique channel for promoting products and driving sales.

In today's digital marketplace, merely advertising your products is not enough. Successful brands on TikTok have mastered the art of storytelling, seamlessly integrating their offerings into the daily lives of millions of potential customers. TikTok Shopping ads, known for their creativity and authenticity, offer a fresh avenue to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

With so many brands competing for attention on TikTok, the challenge is to create ads that not only capture interest but also encourage action. To aid in this endeavor, we've carefully selected the 10 Best TikTok Shopping Ads that exemplify innovative marketing at its finest. These ads have not only achieved viral status but have also demonstrated how to effectively engage with the TikTok community to drive interest and sales.

As we explore the successes of these TikTok Shopping campaigns, we'll uncover key strategies and creative techniques that can inspire your next advertising move. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting out, these insights are designed to help your brand stand out and thrive on TikTok.

Join us as we dive into the essentials of making the most out of TikTok Shopping for your e-commerce brand, providing you with the knowledge to craft ads that resonate, engage, and convert.

How We Identify Excellence in TikTok Shopping Ads

As we dive deeper into the anatomy of standout TikTok Shopping ads, it's crucial to understand the core elements that set the best apart from the rest. The digital marketplace is bustling with content, making it imperative for e-commerce brands to not just appear but truly resonate with their audience. Great TikTok Shopping ads are those that masterfully blend engagement, creativity, and clear communication, all while seamlessly integrating into the native TikTok feed. Here’s what we’re focusing on:

Engagement: The Heartbeat of TikTok

The essence of TikTok lies in its ability to foster an interactive and communal space. Top-performing TikTok Shopping ads thrive on this engagement, encouraging users to interact, share, and even participate in brand narratives. Engagement is not merely about views; it's about creating a connection that inspires action, be it through likes, comments, or shares.

Creativity: Breaking the Mold

In a platform celebrated for its creative freedom, TikTok Shopping ads that stand out are those that dare to be different. Creativity here is boundless—ranging from unique storytelling and innovative product demonstrations to clever use of music, transitions, and effects. The goal is to break through the noise with content that captures attention and imagination in a matter of seconds.

Clarity in Communication: Conveying Your Message

While creativity and engagement are key, the effectiveness of a TikTok Shopping ad ultimately hinges on its ability to communicate a clear message. Whether it’s showcasing product benefits, announcing a new launch, or highlighting a special offer, the best ads do so succinctly and compellingly. This clarity ensures that the creativity and engagement elements drive towards a tangible outcome—be it brand awareness or direct sales.

Native Integration: The Art of Blending In

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of crafting a successful TikTok Shopping ad is achieving native integration. Ads that resonate most are those that feel like a natural part of the user’s feed—matching the tone, style, and pace of organic content. This seamless integration not only enhances user experience but also builds trust and receptivity towards the brand.

As we explore the 10 Best TikTok Shopping Ads, keep these elements in mind. These ads exemplify how brands can effectively engage audiences, showcase creative ingenuity, communicate their message clearly, and integrate natively into the TikTok environment, setting a benchmark for what e-commerce brands should aspire to achieve.

Collaborating With Influencers to Create Ads

the power of influencer collaborations in transforming a brand’s digital presence cannot be overstated. The union between a brand and the right influencer on TikTok is not just a partnership; it’s a dynamic synergy that brings authenticity, creativity, and relatability to the forefront of marketing efforts.

Authenticity That Resonates: The success of a TikTok Shopping ad campaign hinges on its authenticity. Influencers like Katsu The Yorkie bring a personal touch that traditional advertising channels often lack. Their genuine interaction with products makes the promotion feel more like a recommendation from a friend rather than a corporate advertisement. This authenticity fosters trust and builds a deeper connection with the audience.

Creativity That Captivates: Influencers on TikTok have mastered the art of creating content that stands out. Their deep understanding of what entertains and engages their followers allows them to craft ads that are not only creative but also highly targeted. By collaborating with influencers, brands can leverage this creativity to design campaigns that capture attention and linger in the memory of the viewers.

The Right Match Is Key: Not all influencers are created equal, nor is every influencer the right fit for every brand. The essence of a successful TikTok Shopping ad collaboration lies in selecting an influencer whose audience aligns with the brand’s target market. It’s about finding someone whose style, values, and followers resonate with what the brand stands for. This alignment ensures that the message reaches the most receptive audience, maximizing engagement and impact.

A Synergy That Drives Success: Ultimately, the best TikTok Shopping ads are the result of a harmonious partnership between a brand and an influencer. This synergy amplifies the message, making it more powerful than the sum of its parts. It's not just about selling a product; it's about creating a moment, a story, or an experience that the TikTok community can embrace and share.

As we move forward in the ever-evolving landscape of social media marketing, the role of influencer collaborations in crafting effective TikTok Shopping ads will only grow. Brands looking to make a mark on TikTok must therefore approach these partnerships with a strategic mindset, prioritizing authenticity, creativity, and alignment to ensure that their message not only reaches but resonates with their intended audience.

In a world where attention is the new currency, TikTok offers a playground for brands and influencers to engage and enchant. The magic, however, lies in choosing the right partner to tell your story. As we've seen through examples like Katsu The Yorkie x PetSmart, when done right, these collaborations can elevate a brand from being just a name in the market to a beloved part of the TikTok community’s daily life

The 10 Best TikTok Shopping Ads (in no particular order)

  1. Katsu The Yorkie x Pet Smart

Katsu, a lovable little Yorkie, has amassed over 220,000 followers on TikTok and racked up more than 9.2 million likes. PetSmart decided to tap into his loyal fan base by collaborating with Katsu to create a video. In it, the pup is featured in a Halloween outfit, playfully wielding a knife. The series of shots are both frightening and cute, fitting perfectly into a typical TikTok scroll.

Watch The Ad 

Katsu the Yorkie and Petsmart tiktok
  1. Jonny Cakes x Crocs

Jonny Cakes creates viral TikTok videos featuring everyday items that, although they appear to be real objects, are actually hyper-realistic cakes. These range from a Happy Meal box to a vacuum cleaner. They look authentic, but suddenly Jonny slices into them, revealing a delicious cake at the center. No matter how many times you see the trick, it never gets old, which is likely why Jonny has amassed over 2.8 million followers and 72 million likes.

In a recent viral ad, Crocs reached out to have him create a surreal, Croc-like cake. However, instead of slicing into it as he usually does, he places the cake alongside real Crocs, challenging viewers to guess which is the real shoe and which is the cake. Can you guess?

Watch the Ad

Jonny Cakes and Crocs TikTok Ad
  1. Kaarin Joy x Pop Tart

Kaarin Joy has a lot in common with Jonny Cakes. However, instead of baking hyper-realistic cakes, she knits—as well as creates other DIY interior products! She teamed up with Pop Tarts to announce the release of their new chocolate chip-flavored Pop Tart (yum!). The video garnered 8.7 million views, significantly extending its reach beyond her 2.4 million followers. In the video, she knits a pillow that resembles the new Pop Tart. While it isn't a realistic version like Jonny’s creations, it still looks incredibly cozy.

Kaarin’s video serves as another example of a picture-perfect (video-perfect) ad that seamlessly integrates into TikTok’s feed. Plus, who knows? Maybe she even sold the pillow afterward and made a few extra bucks.

Watch the Ad

Kaarin Joy x Pop Tart TikTok partnership
  1. Christian x Kungfutea

This ad from Kungfutea was created by Christian, a TikTok user with a modest following. It features young customers playing a simple game at one of their restaurants. The caption "Simple times" tries to play on viewers' nostalgia, showing what it was like to hang out before smartphones and video games.

Kungfutea did a great job of communicating with their audience in a straightforward yet effective manner.

What the Ad

Christian x Kungfutea Tiktok ad
  1. Adrian Bliss x BBC

Adding a comedy skit to a traditionally reserved channel like the BBC is a great way to attract new viewers and garner attention. That’s exactly what the BBC did by teaming up with Adrian Bliss to create a cheeky skit about how trees communicate. Adrian is a creator known for his role-playing skits, boasting over 7.9 million followers who love his unique spin on viewpoints from randomly selected topics, which he covers comically like no one else.

Recognizing the perfect partnership potential, the BBC swiftly collaborated with him. The result was a brilliant video that garnered over 1.9 million likes and more than 7,000 comments.

Watch the Ad

Adrian Bliss x BBC Tiktok ad
  1. Zach King x Cinnamon Toast Crunch

This video primarily works because of how relatable the product is. Cinnamon Toast Crunch-flavored milk—who hasn’t dreamed of that? The ad features Zach King, a TikTok creator with a massive following of 81.3 million. The concept is surprisingly simple: Zach shares the idea of milk flavored like the cereal through clever video edits and sports a fake milk mustache at the end. Even the caption, "I mustache you a question…" adds a nice little touch. The numbers speak for themselves: 1.9 million likes, 3,000 comments, 9,400 saves, and 9,000 shares. I would say this is a very effective ad by Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

What the Ad

Zach King x Cinnamon Toast Crunch tiktok ad
  1. Khaby Lame x Hugo Boss

These two have teamed up a few times to collaborate on fashion and apparel. Khaby Lame is a TikTok legend known for making humorous videos mocking other people’s sometimes lame or incomprehensible videos. He’s certainly part of the TikTok Hall of Fame boasting 162 million followers and 2.4 billion likes. If Khaby wasn’t known for fashion before, he certainly is now. 

In his collabs with Hugo Boss, he maintains his typical character which generally features lots of hand gestures and no talking. Just seeing Khaby come across your feed is reason enough to stop scrolling and watch. A smart move by HB to snap him up in this collaboration.

Watch the Ad

Khaby Lame x Hugo Boss TikTok ad
  1. Duolingo x Scrub Daddy

This is an all-time great ad/collaboration, even without a creator involved. Two brands, known for their distinctive mascots but operating in completely different industries, have come together to entertain. The plot of their reel features Scrub Daddy (as the father) and Duolingo. As Duolingo "gives birth," the babies emerge as mini Scrub Daddy sponges shaped like the Duolingo mascot.

This is a brilliant strategy for transforming companies that might otherwise be considered boring—Scrub Daddy sponges, in particular—into creators of original, engaging content that boosts brand awareness. Scrub Daddy and Duolingo have amassed 4 million and 11.1 million followers respectively on TikTok, a notable achievement for brand accounts.

Watch the ad

Duolingo x Scrub Daddy tiktok ad
  1. Bella Poarch x EOS

Bella Poarch, with 93.8 million TikTok followers and 2.3 billion likes, is another distinguished creator and musician in the TikTok Hall of Fame. In her collaboration with EOS to promote their body lotion, the reel captures her drifting into a sedative abyss as she applies the lotion. The camera then pans through her eye to her "happy place," where she is seen riding a skateboard on a sunny day, carefree.

While perhaps not the most creative approach from EOS, it's effective nonetheless, simply due to the impact Bella has on one's feed.

Watch the Ad

Bella Poarch x EOS tiktok ad
  1. Adam Waheed x Walmart

Walmart, although not typically celebrated for being the most creative or trendsetting company, may have found its niche in a strategic partnership with Adam Waheed. Known for his viral comedic reels, Adam has amassed a following of 19.9 million and 450 million likes on TikTok. The video they produced together adheres to Walmart’s classic marketing strategy, emphasizing their reputation for low prices. While it may not be the catchiest video in your feed, it effectively captures attention and elicits laughter, particularly with a humorous twist involving an old man at the end.

This collaboration cleverly leverages Adam's comedic flair to enhance Walmart's appeal, subtly shifting its image by associating with popular content creators to attract a broader audience.

Watch the Ad

Adam Waheed x Walmart tiktok ad

Conclusion: Mastering the TikTok Shopping Ad Space

Diving into the 10 Best TikTok Shopping Ads has revealed a vibrant tapestry of strategies that blend creativity, engagement, and authentic storytelling, painting a clear picture of what makes TikTok an unrivaled platform for connecting with today’s consumers. These examples aren’t just ads; they are lessons in how to harness the power of social media to create meaningful interactions with your audience.

The essence of TikTok’s success for brands lies in its unique blend of entertainment and commerce, turning every scroll through the feed into a potential discovery moment for users. The standout ads we’ve explored offer a window into the art of crafting content that feels less like an intrusion and more like a natural part of the user's daily digital journey. They show us that the most impactful ads on TikTok are those that don’t merely aim to sell but seek to captivate and resonate on a personal level.

The magic of these TikTok Shopping campaigns lies not just in their ability to draw the viewer in but in their capacity to make the message stick, long after the screen has been turned off. This enduring impact is the gold standard for digital marketing, achieved through a keen understanding of TikTok’s culture and an ability to speak its language fluently.

As brands look to the future of advertising on TikTok, the path forward is marked by innovation, authenticity, and a deep commitment to engaging content creation. The platform offers a playground for creativity, where the rules are written in real-time by those bold enough to experiment and authentic enough to share their true voice. 

In closing, the journey through TikTok Shopping’s best ads underscores an exciting opportunity for brands: to engage with a global audience in ways that are immersive, innovative, and incredibly human. For marketers ready to take the plunge, TikTok is not just a channel for advertising but a canvas for storytelling, where the next great campaign is always just a creative spark away. The future of e-commerce on TikTok is vibrant and promising, beckoning brands to become part of a community that loves to discover, share, and celebrate new finds.

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