Snoop Dogg Goes Smokeless

Explore Snoop Dogg's viral Solo Stove campaign - a blend of celebrity power and creative marketing.

The Moast Team

December 11, 2023

Snoop Dogg's campaign for Solo Stove began with a cryptic announcement to his 129 million social media followers on November 16, 2023. He stated he was "giving up smoke," a statement that, coming from someone synonymous with smoking, immediately sparked immense curiosity and buzz.

Snoop Dogg's tweet announcing he's giving up smoke

This announcement was actually a clever lead-up to his partnership with Solo Stove, a brand within Solo Brands that creates home and outdoor lifestyle products, including smokeless fire pits. Solo Stove unveiled Snoop Dogg as its official "smokesman," aligning with the brand's ethos of promoting a smokeless lifestyle in a literal sense​​​​.

The campaign, which included tongue-in-cheek films of Snoop Dogg roasting marshmallows in his backyard and clever out-of-home (OOH) and social media executions, caught the attention of millions of fans globally. The campaign's success was driven by its intriguing and suspenseful setup, the effective use of Snoop Dogg's celebrity influence, a playful twist on brand messaging, and perfect timing in execution​.

Watch the ad here:

Snoop Dogg's tweet of his Solo Stove ad

Why It Matters:

Here's the cool part: This campaign was like a masterclass in viral marketing. Snoop's cryptic message had everyone talking, guessing, and waiting for the big reveal. And when the real deal about Solo Stove came out, it was like a surprise party that everyone was invited to. It's not every day that a fire pit company and a rap legend team up, and that's precisely why it mattered. It was fun, unexpected, and it totally worked!

The Snoop Dogg and Solo Stove campaign's performance in terms of engagement can be highlighted by the immense social media reaction it generated. Snoop Dogg, with a massive following of 82.9 million on Instagram and between 20-40 million on each of Facebook, TikTok, and other platforms, brought significant attention to the campaign. His Instagram post, where he hinted at quitting smoking, garnered a staggering 4.7 million likes and 174,000 comments, demonstrating the widespread interest and engagement the campaign achieved​​.

This level of engagement underscores the campaign's success in capturing the public's attention and generating a viral buzz, leveraging both the surprise element and Snoop Dogg's substantial social media influence.

Takeaway for DTC Brands:

So, what can DTC brands take away from Snoop's smokin' hot campaign?

1. Leveraging Celebrity Influence Strategically: Snoop Dogg's involvement wasn't just about star power; it was about aligning a well-known figure with a brand message in a clever way. DTC brands should consider how they can use influencers or celebrities not just for their popularity, but in a way that ties closely with their brand's ethos or campaign message.

2. Creating a Sense of Intrigue: The initial cryptic announcement from Snoop Dogg generated immense curiosity. DTC brands can learn from this by creating marketing campaigns that build suspense and intrigue, compelling the audience to stay engaged and eager for the reveal.

3. Timing and Execution are Crucial: The reveal of the campaign, following the initial buzz, was perfectly timed. DTC brands should note the importance of not only creating a buzz but also capitalizing on it at the right moment to maximize impact.

4. Balancing Creativity with Brand Trust: While the campaign was creative and garnered a lot of attention, it also played with the concept of misdirection. DTC brands venturing into similar creative territories should balance their innovative approaches with maintaining brand trust.

5. Engagement Beyond Traditional Advertising: The campaign's success showed that engagement can be significantly amplified by stepping outside traditional advertising norms. DTC brands should explore unconventional channels and methods of advertising to capture public attention in unique and memorable ways.

6. The Power of Viral Marketing: The campaign's use of social media to create a viral effect demonstrates the power of digital platforms in amplifying a message. DTC brands should consider how they can leverage social media to create viral moments for their campaigns.

These takeaways highlight the importance of strategic planning, creativity, and leveraging digital platforms effectively in DTC marketing campaigns. By understanding and applying these lessons, DTC brands can create impactful campaigns that resonate with their audiences and drive engagement.

Ps. Moast is proud to be working with Solo Stove sister company Oru Kayak who are also part of the Solo Brands family.

Update: Solo Stove CEO John Merris wrote a thread detailing how this entire campaign came to be.

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