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Moast makes it possible for your customers to touch, feel and interact with your products, wherever they are, before buying online.

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Moast will change the way you sell products online

Reach new customers anywhere, anytime

Turn your customers into Hosts so shoppers can experience your products in person right in their neighbourhood.

Eliminate the pressure of retail

Now you can deliver a retail experience anywhere your customers are, without the need for costly retail locations.

Reduce your rate of returns

Save money on return costs by letting your customers see and try your products before purchasing making it less likely that they return it.

Let your customers do the talking

Better than online reviews, shoppers can have an honest conversation with a real customer about what it’s like to own your products.

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A must have for any direct-to-consumer brand

I would constantly get messages from shoppers across Canada saying they wanted to see a Merkava eBike before they purchased one online. With just one showroom in Montreal, QC I had to turn these potential customers away. Moast changed all that, giving me the ability to show my eBikes to shoppers across the country.

Sean D
Merkava eBikes
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We started with one single goal: Empower entrepreneurs

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